Transform your Excel Data Assets into Power BI Dashboards and Reports

Go from Excel Files to Web and Mobile Charts and KPIs

Excel in, visualizations out

Place your Excel files in OneDrive for Business, or even on a local folder, and watch the data turn into beautiful charts and graphs.

Easy access

Access reports and dashboards on web browsers and with iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.

Your data in the cloud

Under first-class security, share insights with co-workers, subscribe to data alerts, and much more!

Make the most out of your Excel data

Bring your data online securely, have impacting visualizations, and share insights with co-workers

Power BI was built from the ground up to integrate closely with Excel, and this suits your workbook data perfectly. You are just a few steps away from making your Excel data assets achieve their maximum potential with one of the top business intelligence and analytics platforms* on the planet.

*According to Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant rankings.

Ready to get started?

Choose from one of the plans below

$ 999
$ 129 /year
3 pages of Power BI charts
Up to 5,000 Excel rows
Mobile optimization +$199
$ 1,499
$ 219 /year
5 pages of Power BI charts
Up to 7,500 Excel rows
Mobile optimization included
$ 2,499
$ 529 /year
10 pages of Power BI charts
Up to 10,000 Excel rows
Mobile optimization included

Included in every plan:

Power BI Dashboard

Your Power BI dashboard will be a one-screen collection of the key charts in your report; you may think of it as your report's highlights. It is what you will initially see across all devices.

Mobile access

We will help you setup your mobile devices for constant access. We will also show you how to annotate and share charts.

Accounts setup and training

We will take care of setting up your first 5 Power BI accounts and will train you on the use of the dashboard, report, and other essential Power BI features.

Secure platform

Power BI is built on Azure, an extremely stable foundation that can prevent unauthorized and unintentional transfers of information. For details please visit the Power BI Security page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested. What's my next step?

Your next step is to contact us so that we can analyze with you your Excel data and understand your data visualization needs.

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees. The prices above reflect the total amount of each plan.

I also have data in formats other than Excel. Can you accommodate for this?

Our plans offer standard and stable solutions. However, we can work with you on defining a custom solution to address your particular situation.

What are the payment methods available?

You may secure your payment through PayPal or through a bank or wire transfer.

Won't we need Power BI or OneDrive licenses?

Yes, you will need Power BI licenses and, if you choose to store your Excel files in OneDrive for Business, a license for that too. The alternative for the Excel files is to keep them on a local drive and use the Power BI Gateway to refresh the data (it's free and we will set this up for you, too).

Power BI and OneDrive for Business licenses are provided by Microsoft Corporation. We will assist you in obtaining the optimal licensing plans for your needs. Cost per user per month starts at about $15.

Does my data need to be in a specific format?

Yes, but just in regular table format (rows and columns). Also, there needs to be a fixed number of Excel files.

Still have questions?